CellRenderer properties corrupted when project loaded and saved.
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Peter Onion
2018-02-02 18:32:19 UTC
This problem has come in somewhere after 3.18

I've tried 3.20.2 and 3.21.0 and the problem still exists.

I've spent today trying to figure out where the problem is but so far
I'm still unable to trace the values in cell renderer properties in
glade files (like "text" and "visible") through to the code that should
set the values into the widget objects.

The attached glade files shows the problem.
nobug.glade was created and saved with 3.21.0

bug.glade was saved after reloading nobug.glade

As you can see the column numbers set have all been set to zero.

Peter Onion
Peter Onion
2018-02-04 21:15:34 UTC
On the off-chance that anyone actually reads this and is interested in
the problem...

I've traced it down to a problem with building on a 32bit machine, in
this case a Raspberry Pi.

The problem seems to be in glade_gtk_cell_renderer_read_attributes in

I've found that passing the g_int64 from g_ascii_strtoll into
glade_property_set causes the problem as glade_property_set_va_list
converts a gint into the value not a gint64.

On 64bit architectures gint and gint64 are the same so there is no
problem. However on 32bit architectures it gets the wrong result !

Peter Onion.

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